Fra(i)ncia IX – R&R II

I had all my stuff clean and I decided to just chill around the city a bit, visit the cathedral and get some nice food (and candles). I noticed that the normal tea lights were way less effective at warming the place than bigger round castles (duh! Still a revelation for me though).

At the cathedral there was a man who took an interest to Lucy, he told me about a dog that he lost just like that and I asked him if it was Lucy, turned out it wasnt Lucy. Also he was a little bit too clingy for my taste and I didnt quite like the look in his eyes. He also asked if the dog was for sale, which gave me weird Indecent Proposal (1993) vibes. I told him the dog was not for sale obviously. Even if it belonged to him and he lost it, he would have had to fight me for her and his creepy ass better bring a gun to that knife fight.

I chilled a bit around the city, there was a big game going on about 500m away from the caravan in a stadium which got me a little weary since there was also Gendermarie (police) everywhere. I also decided on buying some stuff that I needed from Decathlon, it was located at the edge of the city and a little bit of a walk but I could use it honestly.. When I went there the next day, I also found a Star Bucks so I wouldnt have to solely bum around in the shitty-Subway anymore.

At Decathlon I found a new power bank that I needed and a thermo pants. Also some magnesium tablets to reup my mineral balance. Some tiger balm may also come in handy so I also bought that. I did some writing at the caravan at the end of the day and decided on an early night. The blister on my foot was also in pretty good shape and I was really happy with this caravan and the closed off campsite.

Did some more snooping around but I couldnt find anything useful like electricity or water. It was whatever, there was an Aldi about 200m away so I could easily go there.

After another beautiful night’s sleep I woke up and went on the hunt for electricity. The new powerbank had a few charges in it when I bought it but I used them up already. After walking through the city looking for a power outlet I thought of going into the cathedral and looking for one there. This may sound weird but most churches and cathedrals have secluded outlets and I did actually find one at the back of the church, I could even hide it behind a pillar so it wouldnt be noticed. Thank you Jeebuz.

Now I just had to think about picking it up the next day.

I did some writing in a local bar and Troyes in itself was pretty small and uneventful. Maybe it would be nice to go to the outlet center the next day and just chill there and do some writing. I knew that Starbucks at least wont make a problem of me bumming around the establishment like I felt some of these French places did have.

Had a good dinner in the caravan that I prepared myself and I felt like the antibiotics were doing their job. I tried to stick to a good regiment and usually I would wake up in the morning, take one pill with a piece of fruit and go back to sleep, then another pill during mid-day and one in the evening. With antibiotics I know its pretty important to eat alongside it because your stomach can have a hard time digesting most pharmaceuticals. Also it dehydrates you or at least takes a toll on the kidneys so its important to drink enough as well. Not alcohol though, that actually doesnt only make you more drunk, faster. It also decreases the effect of the antibiotics itself.

France has a big problem with antibiotics abuse, as they are/were given to people with a common cold and whatnot. Abuse and over exposure will all lead to the previously mentioned antibioticapocalypse.

The next day I went to the toilet when Lucy was rummaging around on the campsite and when I called her we re-enacted our meeting scene, so thats a full circle after 5 years. Very satisfying indeed.. Lucy didnt give a shit xD

I went to the Star Bucks cafe and it was nice and easy chillin’ there, of course I ended up watching a Joe Rogan podcast instead of actually doing some “work”. c’est bon (you know its fine?). Went by Decathlon again since I just love walking around a crazy outdoors store like that. The weather was supposed to clear up again tomorrow, even though it was clear it was also rotating with some really shitty rain.. and OH SHIT I forgot about my powerbank..! Fuck me sideways. Ok so maybe tomorrow then..

The next day I went back to the cathedral and the powerbank was still there, fully charged and I also saw the guy again. What the fuck is going on here, is he like in the cathedral every day? Or is he just watching me and he lives close by. This time he took a photo of himself and Lucy.. Although being weirded out I didnt really take offense though., I know what kind of effect this dog can have on people and I just walked off after being friendly.

I actually managed to get some fucking writing done in the shitty-Subway. I dont know what it is but the smell of baked bread and fastfood sauce just gives me inspiration or something. Nobody went there and I practically had the place for myself the entire time. The staff also didnt mind since now they actually had a customer in the shop and they were on their phone for most of the time anyway.

The next day it didnt clear up at all and the weather was insanely sheit. I ended up packing most of my bag and in a dry spell I went to the city to do some sightseeing, also worked on the blog and my diary, so at least I was being productive. Couldnt help the feeling that I was kind of stuck though and Troyes looked nice and all but it wasnt all that alive and I was kind of done with the city as a whole. 5 years ago I almost didnt exit the campsite because of Lucy and blisters and it gave me some slight comfort knowing that at least I didnt miss much.

The day after that it was clear enough, or at least dry enough. Wind blew in rain every other hour or so but I just forced myself to leave. Really, really done with this city, the subway and creepy French dudes creeping on Lucy. On the road again I felt better as I walked out of the city. Met some people while doing so and talked with them, even got a can of Lidl Fringles (fake Pringles) from someone while taking a quick shelter. Timing the rainshowers and the shelters together turned into quite a dance but I managed to keep dry most of the journey, with the odd wintery-jizz in my face.

At the end of the day, I saw that fields were up ahead. Last time I was here there was a heatwave and its funny that now its the exact fucking opposite. 5 years ago I had a very hard time following the route book because the route book actually recommends people take the bus out of the city, so that means less signs on the way, a description of the road with just 2 sentences and no real sense of direction, oh yea and 40 degrees of relentless sunshine on your cranium.. Like last time, I wanted to walk again and the internet access really does make a very big difference in terms of navigation.

As Im tapdancing around rain showers left and right I end up sitting in a farmhouse right before absolute sundown. I see a rainstorm (pretty heavy one by the looks of it) incoming. I decide to take shelter and as Im sitting there waiting for it to start and pass over me, this owner/farmer spots me. Hes like ‘no no interdit, privé bladibla’ and Im just trying to explain the situation to him. The cunt points me in the “right direction” just as it starts raining and doesnt let me sit in his fucking rundown shed for half an hour.. The fear on this absolute cunt’s face was priceless I have to admit, him juggling his phone trying to call whoever with no cellphone reception whatsoever as Im walking up to him in full gear all apologetic and shit. I know where to go you peasant, Im trying to show you my phone where I have satellite images of the upcoming rainstorm thats only here for half an hour..

Alas, it was all for nought as he even drove his car after me to make absolutely sure that I wasnt taking the wrong turn and still chilling on his land.

The rain was thick and blinding, winds raged around me like crazy and I couldnt see shit. Lucy had her jacket on so she was alright, as was I after the storm had passed. Just a bit of a bummer that after literally dodging 7 or so rain showers of 10-15 minutes, I was now being shipped off into the biggest, in the dark, through a field.. Its whatever, Ill just eat it and Im sure this is all part of the design. It cant be that when its looking peachy – thats part of the design, but when life gives you lemons – thats not, either both are or both arent. Ya cant cherry pick..

And there you go, 3 metaphorical pieces of fruit in the same paragraph.

How’d you like them apples?