Fra(i)ncia VIII – R&R I

So one of the caravans in the campsite where I found Lucy was open. It was reasonably clean but cold af. I did have a nice bed to sleep in and my sleeping bag managed to keep me warm enough. There were a couple of things that I wanted to do in Troyes besides just returning full circle with Lucy to where we met, namely get a shower, wash my clothes and write some blogs.

ALSO I had a fucking tickbite that I needed to attend to and that took priority over everything. When I woke up I walked around a little with Lucy over the campsite and she was roaming a little bit further and a little bit more than usual. Could just be me being biased though but I thought I noticed a little difference in her behavior. The toilets were out and so were the showers. No Wifi and no electricity. That made the campsite also a potential trap.

I went to get some breakfast on the way to Clinique de St. Jacques, since Im doing “the way of St. Jacques”, it seemed like a logical place to go. I already knew what was up and I only needed….

***We interrupt this blog for an important newsflash***

Modern medicine is a bit of a joke, it doesnt matter if you eat from a garbage can like Lucy did or if you get a tickbite or if you stick your peen in places where its maybe not supposed to be. The doctor will look at you, listen to you, maybe/maybe not he will know what you have and then he will prescribe antibiotics, this is 75% the case at all times. The rest is just fluff with a painkiller sprinkle. Most complaints people have are due to lifestyle and no medicine except for magic mushrooms will help with that. A little tip for my readers, if you happen to do get a nasty red bump on your vagyn or your peen and youre a little bit ashamed to tell “a professional”, just go to the doctor, point at a pimple somewhere on your body (best if its somewhere where your clothes are up against your body) and say that youve been bitten by a tick but that youre not absolutely sure. You will get the same antibiotics that you will get when you get cooties or when you have an infection. There are 7 antibiotics in the world currently and we use about 5 in our modern medicine and meat industry, we decided not to use the last 2 because they fuck with your kidneys and because we need to have a failsafe that bacteria are not resistant…OH NO WAIT, China used them in their meat industry, never fucking mind.. All hell is going to break loose when antibiotics start to fail and this has been more and more the case in recent years. Bacteria have the nasty (for us) habit of sharing “knowledge” and experience with other bacteria they come across. Thats why people die from a doglick nowadays, our antibiotics abuse and our need for clean in the form of hand sanitizers gave them a big boost and were basically setting ourselves up for antibioticapocalypse. Wash your hands with normal soap people! Stop touching your face and when you sneeze, put your elbow in front of your face, not your fucking hands you like a little kid..

***We now return to the regular broadcast***

I already knew what the fuck was up, Ive been bitten by ticks before and I have a mild interest in the subject so I knew it would be some antibiotic course that I needed to take for the following week or so. I went into the clinic of San-fucking-tiago and they turned me down, even though I explained to them that I just needed the doctors signature on the dotted line of a piece of paper but it was to no avail. Its whatever. They told me to go to a public clinique across town so I walked there. 

The people there were friendly enough and as I was sitting between crying children and some viking looking motherfucker that basically cut off his whole finger, they did find the time to call me in. I talked to the doctor, who barely spoke English but we managed and he did…wait for it…prescribe antibiotics. The corona around the bite should dissipate in the following weeks and I had to take 3 pills a day, for 2 weeks. Pretty rigorous monsieur doctor sir, but youre the “expert” here.

On my way back to the camping I bought some candles as a light source and to take the edge of the cold. I also noticed an open window on the caravan which was just grand, easy to close though. I ate a nice sandwich and hmm, yes, I was pretty happy. Went for an early sleep as antibiotics kind of make me sleepy. Washing myself and my clothes is going to be a task for tomorrow.

I woke up and ate the other half of my awesome omelet sandwich, the caravan was actually pretty warm, when wearing my jacket/2 layers of pants and a hat *.*..
The office du Tourisme was in the city and I decided to stop by the cathedral, it was pretty beautiful I must say and I didnt visit last time around because it was closed and I didnt have a leash for Billy, I mean Lucy. I also barely left the campsite back then.

The tourist office told me to go to a monastery that hosted pilgrims in the summer and I went there, next to the cathedral I already found a laundromat so it seems I got things taken care off. The monastery people were nice and this old nun lady and me went looking to ask if I could get a shower. We couldnt find the person so she just showed me the shower was instead. I gladly accepted and thankfully, finally had a good – well deserved scrubbin’. After that I went to do my laundry which was also well needed and then I sat at the subway, writing/eating and stealing their electricity. They didnt seem to mind and this may have been the jenkiest Subway I have ever been to, it didnt matter to me since I got most things that I needed.

Returned to the caravan to find it hasnt burned down thank the lord (I left a candle burning to heat it up). I shouldnt be doing this as the whole time I wondered if I was going to go back greeted by firefighters while I was in the Subway. The nights were very clear but it was good to have shelter and Lucy also seemed to be enjoying herself, in and outside the caravan.

This was a good place to get stuck for a little while..