Thanks for taking the time to explore the website.

The fact is that I really dont like money or a lot of money in general and I really would like for you to keep your hard earned bucks as well..

Just by reading my blog every now and again is fuel for my fire and more than I could already ever ask for..

If that isnt enough for you then please look at the following options of indirect support. I have found a few things over the years that will garantuee that I have some sort (if only minor) fail safes against the upcoming storm. Use the contact page if you want to get in touch about any of these things.

Precious metals (Gold/Silver/Platinum/Palladium)

I ran into a while back and it takes a little bit of effort registering for their website, but once you got this done you can buy precious metals and store it in a safe of your choosing or let it be send directly to you (but that would also have to mean you would need to find someone to sell it to if you want to make a profit). Gold and silver have long been retreats for capital. Now Im not saying pour all your money in, just a little that would keep you going if the storm does come. Gold and Silver for example spiked 3x over during the last 2008 crisis. Also a good way to counter general inflation caused by a broken financial system. Using my link here would provide me with 10% of what you decide to spend on it. Theres some minor work to be done setting up your account like letting your application be reviewed by an official (this can be city hall or any other “reliable” institute that can check up if filled in data is accurate. A process Im able to assist with ofcourse).


Revolut is a company that is looking to recreate the way we do our money (or rather how money does us). Its a creditcard system in practical use but you top it off instead of it topping you off, basically a prepaid creditcard. Add to that the fact that they have pretty rigorous ways of digital support and you got yourself a pretty good failsafe if banks were to ever flatline Greek style or you lost just simply lost your normal debitcard. You can choose a number of different currencies from all over the world including some crypto currencies, so theres also the potential of making a little money on the side. 1st and 2nd time I was in the US I paid a pretty hefty fee over every withdrawal that I made and paying with a debit card inside the store was a hassle and required a fee as well. That all disapeared with Revolut, so my 3rd and 4th time I saved quite a bit of money. Also Ive been watching and buying crypto currencies here and there when they were low and sold them when they were up which made me around 700 € over the last year. Now its not much but I made this money on the shitter mind you.. Letting your money sit at the bank is just a complete waste with interest rates being as low as they are.

If you still insist!

Direct monetaire support is of course always an option, not only would you have helped me on my way tremendously but you will know that theres always 1 person who’s life you greatly improved and helped stay on his path. I will vouch that I will never put your money into immoral things and I will pray and burn candles for you, your family and loved one’s health and you can rest assured that when the time comes, I will be there for you as well (Not that Im not there for you already :D)..


Lucy and I are very thankful.