This part of the website is dedicated to those who helped me along my journey. I want them to know it was exactly what I needed at the time and however small or big, it was perfect.

If you find your name missing here, know that youre already in my heart.

A little shrine in their honor

Jan & Marga Fennema

Bernard from Rocroy

Guineviere Maison de la Notre Dame de Troyes

Chasseurs de Asquins


Mathilde de Vichy

Hitchhike 1 through 5

Father Ivan in Avallon

SNCF woman in Vichy

Jason & Tess

Daniel Gauchet – Pita

La Ville de La Clauze

Manon François ❤


hunter in the forest of Le Sauvage

Pierre Travers

Marie Rousset + Family

Adrian Ruiz + family


Random good samaritans Conques

Friars of Conques

Lady of abbey store Conques

Marielle & Lisa

Julien & Marie

Patrick from Oloron St. Mairie

Carine from Bordeaux

MoMo, le Roi de Pommevic

Priest Roncesvalles

Santiago de Logroño

Panaderia Jesus Grañon

El Alquimista Agés

Man who gave me a cigaret in Burgos

El Fuero (Tiziano, Santiago & Gigio)

Jorge from Castrojarez

Felippe from Bercianos del Real Camino

Alfonso Casa de Los Dioces

Restaurant owners o’Cebreiro

Palas del Rei

Carlos Casa de Amancio de Villamajor

Jordy Vallecillo

Fernando Lavanderia Santiago de Compostella

Adam & Pablo from Fisterra

Restaurant Casa Jesus in Lirez

Abu Bakr

Jean-Pierre from La Vénerie

Barbara from la Vénerie

Yvonne Schippers

Philip Borne de Strasbourg

Chloe de Troyes

Martine de Cravant

Le M Turkish Cuisine in Autun

Bruno Aumont Aubrac

Hobo’s in Vichy

sowing lady de Le Puy en Velay

Lady who gave me a chocolat bar in Vinay

Colocation de Fougere

Old lady who sells pie in Ambert

Saint Stan, Saint Philippe & Saint Gerard de Sauges

St. Alban sur Limognole

Boulangerie de St. Chély d’Aubrac


Paulien de Figeac

Perrine PepouzzZ

4 rides to Cahors


Manon Lucy

Hunterslodge Lascabanes

Ann from Anthé

Abdel a Bordeaux

Allana from St. Antoine

Juan, Julie, Conor & Louis


Miguel from Pamplona

Albert Policia Local

Tobacco store lady Burgos

Allison from Burgos

Lady who played music during quarantine in Hornillos del Camino

Salva & Ana from San Anton

David, Tamino, Paco, Gala, Alan, Carlos, Tau Casa de Los Dioces

Jorgo – Quesos Casa Torre

Arthur – Painter in the forest after Triacastella

Castillo del Lobo

Supermarktvrouw Froiz in Santiago de Compostella

Christian & Hilda

Alejandro / Alex

Andy Jensen Caminoninja

Elisa Peruzzi ❤

Andy Reilly + family

7 rides to Fougere

Sisters of St. Thierry

Marie Louise and her hunter husband from Flogny la Chappelle

Sylvie de Vézelay

Etti in Vezelay

Roland & Josiane Lutz

Colocation Fougere

Cemetery cleaning crew Vinay

Lukas & Maude de Valciviere

Congregation in Vezelay

Lady gift shop St. Joseph statue Le Puy en Velay

Jean Marc de Le Puy en Velay

Farmer girl in St. Roche

MOB Sarl cafe in Aumont Aubrac

Taxi Thoma

Manon Lucy ❤

Jean Pascal

5 rides to Fougere

Gwen from Toulouse

Anne Sophie & Eli


Dino & Nala

Vincent from Bordeaux

Albert Doudou

Chez Luis

St. Jean Pied de Port

Nederlandse genootschap van Santiago

Lady from Lorca who gave Lucy a treat

Old lady in Viana guiding pilgrims

Guardia Civil San Anton


Guillermo Repsol Gasolina San Justo


Fernando from Rabanal del Camino

Franzi, Thomas, Mike & Finn from La Rosa del Agua

Oli-ver Kloid

Taverna Furelos de Melide

Waiters Meson Carates

The World Family



Nate and Faith Walters Pilgrimhouse