Fra(i)ncia II – Bullet Catcher

So I did my 2nd nightwalk in France this time, to the sleepiest town ever called Wasigny. Nobody there except for this medieval hall. A lady was just shutting her blinds and I scared the shit out of her by asking her for some water. She soon turned her fearful eyes into smiling ones when she saw the shell around my neck. I smoked a little cigaret and I found a cemetery nearby and decided to camp there. Now this is always a little sketchy for obvious reasons, not to mention that after 2200h the lights turn off in every little village in France that cant afford the electricity. A good time for some owls to fly right over my head and make the most awful screech that scared the living shit out of me. Owls + Darkness + Cemetary is not a great cocktail.

At some point I could hear something scraping against my tent and I turned on the light. Turned out it was just blades of grass, scraping in the wind. I also found a tick making its way to my ballsack, like me it was pretty slow however and still on the floor of my tent. I killed it or tried to kill it and chucked it outside. Mannn living rough like this, getting your peen sucked in all the wrong ways. I can think of nicer things..

The next morning I was greeted by a gravestone engraver and his son, this put me in high gear and I packed up my tent and left. Went to city hall connected to a school but they werent open but also didnt lock the door. Free water thats not cemetery water!

I found a tick that looked the same as the tick from before in my hair and I disposed of it. What the hell, its almost November, get your bloodsucking ass into hibernation or whatever you little shits do to survive the winter please.
Walked into this town called Chateau Porcien, I remembered it as a small town but it turned out I didnt see half of it. Walked around a bit and was going to camp near a church until I ran into a cafe that ran the local pilgrim gite. 10 € but its whatever, I can splurge a little here and there. It was nice and warm and I even found a spare gas canister for my cooking stove that some other pilgrim left. 7,50 € for the nightsplurge..

I took the time to write a little in my diary and hung my stuff to dry. The owner of the cafe looked at me funny because I hid my bag next to the church when I booked the hostel for the night but with a dog and now I walked passed him without the dog but with a bag, just smile and wave is my MO in cases like this.
Left the next day and Lucy rolled around in some shit, gave her a little shower and she froze her ass off. I let her suffer the cold for a couple of minutes and then warmed her under my jacket. I walked again in the dark that evening and I could really notice the days shortening. Rewind 5 years I could walk until about 2300h in the evening until things got iffy but now, 1830h and youre done, and I mean pitchblack, break-your-ankle-in-that-pothole-over-there dark. I have a good light with me though. Slept next to a church and I woke up to the sound of pidgeons shitting all over my tent. Duality in all things..

I was on my way to Bazancourt and I remember from 5 years ago my blisters were killing me at this point. Long gone were those days and I kept on going steady, golden fields 5 years ago now greener and muddier from last summer’s harvest.

Bazancourt is cool, small town but still has a bigass factory overshadowing the whole thing. Sugar beets refinery mostly so I felt right at home since we have the same thing in Groningen, at least it smelt the same. The German pilgrim and me stayed at some people 5 years ago and I decided to park my tent again on their terrain, sure they wouldnt mind. Woke up and tried to ring their doorbell but nobody was home. 
The next stop was a monastery, a little town near Reims named after St. Thierry who also created a Benedictine monastery there. A place or long faded glory but still inhabited by an all female cast of nuns and open to the public, peaceful and just a very nice place to chill.
I decided to freestyle there since it was mostly fields that I had to walk through. This went pretty well and I could see storm clouds in the distance passing beside me. Its shifting again, I thought to myself and I need to be on my P’s and Q’s a little to dodge em.

I came up to a road with a village on either side. I was planning on taking a little break in either depending which lay more on the route. Turned out I had to go straight and as Im looking at the map I could see a little bush from the corner of my eye, a little ways along the path I had to take. I grabbed my binoculars and I could faintly see a cross in there. I still had enough water so what the heck, lets just take a little rest there. As Im coming up to the cross I could notice an out of place stone on the cross pedestal and my curiosity got the better of me. I removed the rock and found a geocache! I opened it up and it contained a bullet! Now this is going to be sound really weird but I did a geocache once in Germany and its customary to leave a little something in the geocache as a surprise for the next one who finds it. What made this all the more peculiar is that when I did a geocache, I also left a bullet of the same fucking caliber! I cant fucking believe it, I mean it was a pretty common caliber but still! I felt like I was exactly on the right path. I left my stamp on the name card and put the whole thing back in place.

I arrived at the monastery way too late and it was dark again, I pushed myself on in the hopes they were still open but of course they werent. I hid my bag in some bushes next to the monastery and went on the hunt for some water. Walked far and between but didnt find any. Upon returning to my bag I decided to go the other way and sure, there was a faucet not 500m from where I left my bag! 

Put up my tent right next to the monastery parking lot, just barely out of sight due to some cars and I was going to go in tomorrow early. 

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