Draco Apparatu

On popular demand, I will run through the gear that Im carrying. Also will put in links wherever so you can have a detailed look at the items. Most of it speaks for itself but Ill be thorough anyway. A large portion of it is from army dump stores as I think that military gear is not expensive and it does its job very well.


The white and lime green satchell thing is a travelbag organizer where I keep my clothes in. 3 pair of underwear, 4 pair of socks, 3 tshirts, 2 scarves and 2 quickdrying towels. Also some just-add-water meals that are high caloric, never used them thank God but when that time comes, theyre going to be worth their weight in gold. A little camping stove along with 2 pans (1 for boiling stuff, one for frying stuff).


My backpack – When I first left I just bought a backpack at the army dump but it didnt fit me at all, I had to release the shoulders to maximum so it would actually rest on my hips and also it had no support system for your back. What I did really like about the bag was that it was able to open up from the sides so you could easily find what you were looking for. After this I bought just a regular old hiking bag that opened up from the top but the problem with that is that youre always looking for the thing that sank to the bottom and its a fucking hassle. This bag has it both ways, you can open it from the top but theres also a zipper that basically lets you put it horizontally and open it up in a way where you can see all your things. It doesnt have a MOLLE system but its got enough pockets and thingies to store most things.

Camino Shell – I lost my previous shell and was hell bend on making a new one, thankfully I got to know someone that was able to make a new santiago dagger on this one with paint. Used one of those survival cords as a rope so I can put it around my neck. You see most people with the shell on their backpack and I never really understood that. By the time people see you theyre either passing you or youre done talking to them, not to mention that a 20kg backpack can easily break the thing if it lands wrong. I had it around my neck the whole time and I remember going into this small French village at some point and as me and a German pilgrimbum sat down on a bench to take a small rest, police rolled by us and looked at us suspicious, asking what we were doing. I grabbed a hold of my shell and showed it to them like a press pass and their faces lightened up immediately and told us to camp next to the river and how far it was to the next town etc. They went from slightly suspicious to extremely helpful within seconds just because I was able to show them the shell. 

Walking stick – Made this one myself from some piece of german wood that I found, using sandpaper to make it smooth and put an iron ring around the bottom so it doesnt get eaten by the road.

2 water bottles and a little foldable cup – Attach to my waist bottle holders for easy use. Having to stop and open up your bag for drinking is shit of course and it prevents you from drinking all together, thats when you can get tendril inflammation and then you can say goodbye to your hike.


The striped roll is a mexican all purpose blanket, this thing serves as poncho when its cold, a matrass when you need more comfort or just as a blanket if its really cold at night.

The camouflage roll is my sleeping mat that barely holds 1 breath of air, its more for isolation but it does give you a little bit of comfort when laying on a hard surface, usually I put my mexican blanket under it and thats more than enough comfort, my back actually hurts less sleeping on hard surfaces than it does in a bed. 
The blue roll is my tent – Jack Wolfskin – Gossamer – to be exact. A small but very nifty tent that serves my purpose of wildcamping always. Its too small to also keep my stuff inside but big enough to hold a doG and a Dragon, maybe also a person that you wouldnt mind having up in your business all night..

The grey roll is my sleepingbag, just a standard sleepingbag that a friend bought for me at the Lidl, its a mummy variant so when its cold or youre getting raped by mosquito’s you can make it in such a way that only your face is exposed. It serves temperatures of -15 celsius so you could survive anything but Siberia.

The rolls are standing on top of my camouflage poncho, that I wrap around my tent for practical but also esthetic purposes.

Also an extra bag if you need to get groceries or something, walking around with a 20+Kg bag isnt always handy (haha its never handy, fucking dumbass me)


Im just going to list all the little bits and bobs that I have with me. 

Solar panel

3 lighters (you can never have enough fire)

mid range telescope


Magnesium Firestarter

2 knives, 1 for daily use & 1 heavy duty

A whetstone

stamp with my logo + ink (forest green & golden brown)

Little box of thread and needle (if its broken – FIX IT)

Brush for Lucy (a brushed dog is a warm dog is a happy dog


This all fits into the white and limegreen satchell thing at #7.


A book binder containing my diary, credential to collect stamps in, Lucy and my passport and a little book. Also a pocket version of a Bible that somebody gave to me at the end of my last camino. Also decided to bring my laptop for blogging, music and to make myself more attractive to thieves. A walking map of France containing all the different hikes (or GR routes) with numbers. A little bag containing all my charger cables. A little coinsack containing fresh batteries.


Magnum boots – Lightweight/leather. I found these do most jobs reasonably well and theyre lighter than hikingboots but still have a nice kick to them. Its like youre walking on clouds, cant tell you how many times where I should have sprained my ankle badly but these boots just negated the whole slip or when youre trying to go up or down a mountain and you feel like youre wearing clouds that have tractor wheels. They are so good that Ive even send the company that produces them, an email saying how great they are, even got a nice email back (so wholesome). They started out as a sneaker but theyre being worn by every boots-on-the-ground, oppressive force in the world these days. If theyre good enough to be on the throat of poor people, then theyre good enough for this poor person.


a wool hat

A hair razor

Super glue (if its broken fix it!)

petroleum soaked wood


fresh leaf tea / coffee

tea strainer / percolator

Boot grease

3 LED light

Standard issue medkit with some extras

Satchell with JBL flip 3 SE

Satchell with spare tobacco / plant seeds

Toiletry bag

Herbs and spices

smint container full of toothpicks

And that finishes up all that Im packing. Now there are small things that I also have with me but didnt list, as well as a few surprises were a thief to be so smart to read this blog and try to steal from me but Im keeping those under wraps for obvious reasons.