Castling I

Castling in chess serves 2 purposes; it moves the King to a safer position and it places the rook in a more active position on the board..

Woke up before I was discovered, never slept in a toilet before but ehh sure, beggars cant be choosers ey? Left for the train and I had more than enough time to reach Zwolle. My friend, who was going to pick me up, was running a little bit late so I was eating a bag of chips when I arrived with the train. People in Zwolle looked at me funny but then again, I think people in Zwolle always look at things funny. 

Picked up another friend in Utrecht and we drove through the Netherlands pretty fast. I knew that tobacco was pretty expensive in Belgium and France and I tried to get some tobacco at a gas station. Too bad they didnt have my favorite brand but I bought 3 packs for the road anyway. I was looking forward at just chilling the fuck out this weekend.

Im going to keep this one short because all in all it was pretty ridiculous if you werent there and you may start to doubt my sanity even more if I start going into detail.

IN short;

The castle itself was beautiful, now it wasnt anything like the castle from Disney (that shit doenst exist you child) and it was more of a gigantic mansion. Different rooms were dressed in old drapery and everything did have this sort of creepy-ish vibe about it. Most of the rooms were actually modernized with nice fireplaces. It had a hottub and the back area was very beautiful and did resemble more of a castle. We played medieval music for most of the weekend and most of us wore outfits or had props. I was wearing a monks robe (it seemed only fitting). There were about 15 different bedrooms and walking to your room was actually something that you had to contemplate for a sec..nnaahhh cant be bothered, Ill do it later. There even was the skull of some dead animal (goat?) with a pentagram on its forehead, done with a magic marker like the fucking peasant noobs these Baphomet worshippers are (welcome to Belgium? More on that later). After the owner showed us around we went by the store and doing things with 8 people is just a different experience, you buy everything in multiples and we had a 450 € bill on the first supermarket run, rolling into a register to pay and seeing the look in the cassiere’s eyes is priceless. The owner was nice enough to not let us pay the deposit of 1000 € so we used that as funds for the weekend. Already half way after 2 hours there but whatever, we did buy a lot of good stuff, I mean alcohol, we bought a lot of alcohol, also food. The champagne flowed richly along with a lot of yelling and lit fireplaces.

Live like Kings!

I tried to cook a meal which turned out great HAD I not forgotten to wash the spinach, so it actually turned out shit.

Eat sand like Bums!

Sandy as fuck and the lack of food probably also contributed to everyone being pretty drunk.
I lit up several fires throughout the house and we basically burned through the entire stack of dry wood that the owner put up. He did show us where the secret stash of dry wood was however and I kept most fires going. The day after was just chilling hard, at least for 1 part of the group. Thank God the owner of the castle was cleaning the garden and we had a very nice and relaxing saturday to the ongoing buzzing rythm of fucking lawnmowers in the background. Seeing people work their ass off while youre zipping alcohol did feel good though, cant lie.
We set up some medieval games on Sunday, maybe we went a little bit overboard and I had a bad bout of BPPV after I decided to lay down for a sec next to the pool, probably thanks to all the liqour but ended up actually saving me because the games were a little too intense to be walking the next day if I have to believe everybody else who did do all the different disciplines.

All in all it was a very good weekend, I healed up pretty good and decided to keep on going after the weekend.

I am now going to rant about Luijk and Belgium. Luijk..what a shit city it is. Like really, really shit. Of course Ive driven through the city a couple of times before but I was just amazed at how little this city improves over time. 

After the weekend my friends dropped me off in Luijk and I went around the city a bit to give it a chance to redeem itself, but there was absolutely no chance for redemption. Everything is grey from pollution, the people are generally unfriendly (then again they live in Luijk) and every road is basically a construction site. Cars everywhere, the river has this weird tint that makes it look like poison and well, if I lived there I would probably rape children as well. Thats a (horrible) joke, dont sue me.

What the hell is up with Belgium anyway. Can we even call this a country? All the Belgium people in my life that I ever met always had something weird about them. If you spend enough time with them theres always going to be some cultural crack, where you for example thought you agreed on something but the Belgian just isnt going to keep their end of the bargain or wasnt clear about things in the first place.. Even the owner of the castle. The guy had dry wood inside that we literally burned through on the first evening and he pointed out this container that we could supposedly use if we ran out of wood. That wood was wet as fuck and when we tried to talk to him about it he just wove it away like we were fucking crazy. Too bad for him Im a fucking Dragon. I hate to say it and I almost never use a comb this large but sheesh, I never ran into a person from Belgium that I could fully trust, maybe its just their disdain towards me as a Hollander or maybe Im biased as a Dutch person, no clue. Im just warning you for future encounters…A-NY-WAY.

At the end of the day I finally found the best thing in Luijk, and thats the train to the French border. Belgium can lick my balls and work the shaft (until proven otherwise..).