Fra(i)ncia XXXIII – A love letter..

Oh France, where to begin..

At first I knew you only from driving through you, I remember hot car rides and unfriendly people from going on vacation with my parents. I did not speak your language and I found it very hard to find my stride. 

This was all before I saw what you really were. Your cities are famous and that was the only measure I ever used, I was but a tourist and mon Dieu knows, you dont need any more of those. Little did I know you’re an ocean on a landmass, wild forests and little communities of friendly people. Friendly people that arent at all like the people I knew from Paris, but rather the opposite

Your people are proud and thats well deserved. You have a great history and the flame of freedom and equality burns strong throughout your culture. People rather smile than hate. I love the amazement and playful interest in your people’s eyes when I hackle my way through your language. Your country is unified in large regards and no punk that fucks his old schoolteacher can ever change that. You put on yellow vests to protect these rights that are literally tattooed on your Souls.

Your cheese is great and very specific, every person from that region knows their cheeses and the cheeses from other regions. Your wine is fluent and specific as well, everybody knows what kind of wine comes from the region they are grown. Riots have been started over Champagne in your history is something I will never forget hearing about.

Your castles and chateau’s that dot the landscape make you wonderful to explore. Something new around every corner and your people, ever spurring the weary traveller on. How can one be weary when theres a helping hand around every corner, from the far North to the final ride into Basque country. You are the embodiment of exactly what I needed at exactly the right time.

I love getting into a car with a complete stranger in your country. They are trustworthy, respectful, curious in their approach. They look at ME like Im the victor, respecting what I do and helpful wherever they can, wherever I go..

I love your drinking culture, where every moment has a different name to drink. I love your random parties that seem to be hosted every other week in any given place. I love stumbling on a place and getting pulled into this rich social culture and history. I love how your sun sets over rolling hills accompanied by clouds and fog gathering from your flowing rivers. I love how French people work to live, instead of living to work. I love how ancient you are and wether is your bird language or your ancient Gallic traditions that have survived to this day, Im loving every second of it. I love how it permeates throughout your culture wether the people know it or not. I love your view of equality- Women and men are truly on equal footing and the disease that is neo-feminism is just a twinkle in the eye of loudmouth little girls with daddy abandonment issues. I love how foreigners from one of your many colonies are a part of most of the communities where I went. I love how most people handle most things, which is not to say that things aren’t going to be difficult for you as well but as long as there are people in France, France its light will seemingly keep on shining.. 

Please get rid of your glorification of the 1stWorld War. I know that it left a deep scar and that many Enfants de France died but it traumatizes you and breaks your true spirit, it emphasizes a deeply tragic thing even though France is still France. Also corrupt politicians that have nothing in common with the people is a little bit of a worry. That 2ndworry is easily negated by your broad sense of community however. Your villages, especially in the north are drained of young people but I feel as if today is the cusp of a change of mind, the grassroots communities that I found scattered throughout the country were evident of that. Young and bustling towns where young people return, tired of the rat race in the bigger cities..

In short,


I am away from you but I will never forget you, the way you act and handle yourself in times of tribulation, I love how you’re not afraid to be kind or to be judged, but are just nice, friendly, forthcoming, welcoming, unexpected, free at heart and spectacularly creative.

Im so thankful for everything that you have done for me, Im happy for each and everyone of your inhabitants that ever smiled, helped and kissed me. You restore my faith in humanity every time I visit and even in winter this time around, you made me feel warm..

Please don’t change, someday I will be back.. Please keep shining as bright forever and please understand that the rest of the world, is far worse off than France, at any given time.

Forever yours,