Introduction to the blog

Its been at least 5 years since Ive written anything about anything. Maybe some of you read something by me here and there but Ive never actually taken the time, felt the need (or had the guts) to just run my big fucking mouth for all to see. 

In that same sentiment I would like to start this journey with the ending of my last journey, not just to satiate my beloved regulars but also give a little bit of a hint of what this website is going to be about. A sort of little taste of things to come, inshallah.

So after being a month in Santiago de Compostela I kind of had enough of the whole living-like-a-homeless-person. I had already decided on going back home after this since the cup of adventure had been adequately filled if not overflown a bit. Just as I got pulled on this crazy thing called the Camino de Santiago, I felt like the same force was also pulling me towards HOME.

Returning home is easier said than done however, ya know, you can talk about stuff but its very hard to sometimes implement the practical thing to that as well. Fucking getting out of Santiago back to the Netherlands was that practical part. The bus wasnt an option, airplanes were out of the question since then Lucy (my doG) would need to go into quarantine for an amount of time and that barely left any other options than hitchhiking.

I present to you < 3

The Way Back